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Participants who have completed any module before February 28th, 2022, will be entitled to obtain their certificate. Those participants who have completed any module after the indicated date will not be able to obtain any certificate.

HIV infection is a constant evolving field in Infectious diseases that requires physicians to undertake efforts to keep up to date with science to remain knowledgeable with new developments.
After more than three decades of antiretroviral therapy, HIV has mostly changed from being a lethal disease to a chronic condition, enormously due to drastic improvements in antiretrovirals (ARVs). However, the management of this disease continues to pose a wide range of challenges from comorbidities, drug interactions, co-infections, related tumours, management of the infection in at-risk populations, adherence, or risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

This program offers a complete update in HIV/AIDS science, from basics to epidemiology and clinical grounds.

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  • The program is made up of twelve modules and each of them is composed of two presentations and one knowledge test per module.
  • Each month a module will be published so that the learner will finish the full program after one year. The program starts in February 2021 and finishes in January 2022.
  • As successive modules are published, the previous ones will be always available to those who missed them or wish to review them.
  • Those who followed the whole program in one of the languages offered and passed with 70% of correct answers, will be able to obtain their CME credits. Only the first attempt will be valid.
  • Every session will have a duration of approximately 30 minutes and can be seen on demand.
  • The launch of each module will be announced through email notifications and dissemination campaigns.
  • Sessions will be available in Spanish and English. We encourage participants to always access the same language to complete the program.