20 Sep 2022

Curso práctico sobre la administración de Cabotegravir+ Rilpivirina LA en paciente VIH

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The main objective of the workshop is to present the most appropriate techniques for the correct administration of intramuscular injectable CAB/RPV, and thus minimize local side effects and the risk of abandoning the medication.

This activity includes a theoretical part where the data on the efficacy of the CAB/RPV combination is presented, as well as its safety and patient satisfaction, and a practical second part, where the process for the correct administration of drugs is explained, from the preparation of the drugs to the intramuscular injectable administration itself.

Places for this activity are limited, a selection will be made from all the registrations received. If you are accepted, you will receive an email.

Scientific Coordinators

Eugènia Negredo

Head of HIV Section

Fight Infections Foundation, Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol, Badalona, Spain.

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Jordi Puig

Head of CTU

Fight Infections Foundation, Badalona, Spain.

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Andrés Marco

Institut Català de la Salut, Barcelona, Spain.

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Activity accredited by the Consell Català de Formació Continua de les Professions Sanitàries-Comisión de Formación Continuada de Sistema Nacional de Salud. 0,3 Credits. Record: 09/031325-IN.

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