ICREA Research Professor and Principal Investigator at Retrovirology and Clinical Studies research group, Irsicaixa AIDS Research Institute, Barcelona

Hot topics in HIV: Vaccines, Immune Recovery and Eradication 2019

View Program The registration for this event is closed. Maria José Buzón - Viral waking up from latency Douglas Richman - 20 years of experience in HIV cure research: redefining the challenge Julià Blanco - Virus-like particles in vaccine development Javier Martínez-Picado - Closing lecture: Next steps [...]

Hot topics in HIV: Vaccines, Immune Recovery and Eradication. 2018

View Program Audience: The conference is addressed to researchers and physicians specialized in HIV. Objectives: Provide an update on the latest findings in HIV eradication research and therapeutic vaccines. Link those recent findings with its implications on diagnostics and current treatment practices. Establish network connections with specialized researchers and clinicians. [...]

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