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Aging in HIV. Barcelona 2020
12-Nov-2020 until 13-Nov-2020

Fundación Huesped and the Fundación Lucha contra el Sida joint forces to launch the “Comprehensive Management of Aging in HIV” workshops to be held in alternate years in Europe and South America.
Its objective is to review the latest cutting-edge research in HIV aging infected people from a multidisciplinary point of view, as well as building on past editions to provide an up-to-date overview of related issues, such as frailty and aging, emergence of resistance mutations to the new antiretroviral drugs, inflaming and microbioma, PK interactions between all drugs needed in this aging population or geriatric syndromes and complications.


Bonaventura Clotet
Head of the Infectious Diseases Department at the Germans Trias Hospital. Director of Irsicaixa AIDS Research Institute. President of the Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases Foundation.
Eugènia Negredo
Médico Adjunto del Área de Infecciosas. Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol de Badalona y Fundación Lucha contra el Sida y las Enfermedades Infecciosas
Pedro Cahn
Director of the Huesped Foundation. Professor of Infectious Diseases at the Buenos Aires University Medical School and Scientific

During the last decade, we have seen remarkable improvements on HIV treatments. In some countries, such improvements have allowed controlling HIV infection with high efficacy and reasonably simple treatment schedules, but it has also shifted the profile of HIV patients, who now tend to be increasingly aged. Overall, it is estimated that 50% of HIV-infected subjects are over 50 years of age and the proportion of infected people older than 65 years grew 10-fold in the last years.

The increased life expectancy together with the HIV-related chronic inflammation and the long exposure to some antiretroviral drugs are the main reasons of the accelerated aging in HIV-infected patients. This scenario carries new challenges for healthcare professionals, who have now to provide health care to patients with a significant comorbidity burden and polypharmacy treatments.


Immerse yourself in an environment where you can learn from, and share with expert professionals in charge of HIV-infected subjects

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Aging in HIV. Barcelona 2020
12-Nov-2020 until 13-Nov-2020
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